Predict User Intent in Real-Time

Like, really real-time. 

ForMotiv delivers real-time user intent scoring by analyzing a user’s digital behavior while they physically engage with online forms and applications. 

More Data Collected than Existing Solutions
Predictive Model Accuracy
Monthly Applications Analyzed
Behavioral Data Points Analyzed

What We Do...

As users engage with your digital forms and applications, they leave behind behavioral breadcrumbs that tell a story about their intent. 

ForMotiv captures hundreds of these unique behavioral cues, comprised of thousands of behavioral micro-expressions, while a user is actively filling out a form or application. Then, using advanced machine learning, we’re able to read this “digital body language” to precisely predict user intent such as genuine, confused, or risky customers. From there, our solution enables companies to create dynamic experiences that adapt and nudge users, in real-time, based on their behavior to drive the desired outcome. 

We call this Behavioral Intelligence.

Popular Use Cases...

ForMotiv is consistently driving 6, 7, and 8-figure ROI on a variety of use cases spanning across the enterprise.

ForMotiv-Increase Revenue insurance
Increase Conversions
  • Identify Application Friction
  • Remarket Intelligently with Behavioral Segmentation
  • Predict Abandonment, Buyer Channel Preference, Quote > Bind, and more
  • Dynamically Remove Friction for Genuine Customers
ForMotiv - security - risk - fraud - digital behavioral intelligence
Reduce Risk & Fraud
  • Predict Risky & Fraudulent Applicants
  • Identify Application Misrepresentation
  • Identify Bots & Pre-Fill Fraud
  • Dynamically Add Friction for High-Risk Applicants
formotiv - revenue increasing
Enhance Agent Productivity
  • Intelligent Lead Scoring
  • Optimize the Agent Experience
  • Identify Agent “Gaming”
  • Benchmark Agents by Loss Ratio and more

ForMotiv's Proprietary Dataset Has 10x More Data than Existing Clickstream Solutions

Example Industries...

In addition, we're working with leading On-Demand, Healthcare, Survey, eCommerce, Payment Solutions, and more.


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New EBOOK | User Behavior Analytics, Behavior-as-a-Service, and Behavioral Intelligence 101

User Behavior Analytics and Behavioral Intelligence™ are at the forefront of every major corporation’s digital transformation efforts. Understanding your user’s behavior allows you to not only optimize their digital experience but understand customer intent to help increase conversions and reduce risk and fraud. In this EBOOK we discuss the evolution and future of behavioral analytics and why it’s crucial for companies to begin adopting their behavioral intelligence strategy now before it’s too late.

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