With the Digital Transformation shifting business interactions online – how will you minimize risk in a “Faceless” future?

Understand your users’ motives with
Digital Behavioral Intelligence

Measure Behavior, Predict Intent.

Timmy Award Finalists!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a Best Tech Startup finalist for the 2019 Timmy Awards by Tech in Motion.

This is one small step in what will be a long journey for our team, but it is nice to be recognized alongside award nominee’s like Hopper, LogMeIn, Carbon Black, Toast, iRobot, Etsy, Guru and many other amazing businesses.

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The Digital Transformation

As customers continue to demand seamless online experiences, businesses have shifted from “Face-to-Face” to “Faceless” interactions. With that, the innately human ability to understand intent by reading and reacting to body language has been lost. 

ForMotiv’s A.I. powered Digital Behavioral Intelligence platform solves this problem by analyzing a user’s digital body language and using predictive behavioral analytics to provide critical insights into user’s motives and intent.

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is now

ForMotiv's "Digital Polygraph"

Explanation-Based Predictive Behavioral Analytics

ForMotiv’s “Digital Polygraph” measures thousands of unique behavioral signals captured as users engage with a form or application. Using a combination of A.I., machine learning, and predictive behavioral analytics, we’re able to analyze users digital body language and predict their intent. 

Armed with actionable, explanation-based behavioral intelligence, ForMotiv enables companies to optimize their online experiences, predict outcomes such as risk and fraud, and create dynamic online experiences tailored to each unique user.

ForMotiv Digital Polygraph - predictive behavioral analytics

Hear what our customers think...

Digital Behavioral Intelligence

ForMotiv does not measure "what" users answer, we measure "how" they answer.

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+5,000 Unique Behavioral Data Points Collected per Application

Collecting Digital Behavioral Intelligence is critical for businesses today

With the right kinds of intelligence about the actions and behaviors of users, companies can deconstruct behaviors to obtain their root causes. This information not only allows them to understand the intentions, motivations, and plans of end-users, but companies can even predict the future actions that the users will take. 

By offering unprecedented insight into user behavior, ForMotiv helps enterprises reduce risk and optimize the user experience, without sacrificing security.


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Predict and Reduce Risk & Fraud

  • Detect behavioral anomalies
  • Real-time “Applicant Intent Scoring”
  • Monitor Agent Behavior
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Optimize the Customer Experience

  • Form Friction & Bottleneck Analysis
  • Explanation-based A/B Recommendations
  • Abandonment Detection
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Increase Top-Line Revenue

  • Dynamic Engagement
  • Adjust Re-marketing Intensity
  • Real-time Conversion Tracking

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