Everything you need to know about Behavior-as-a-Service and Behavioral Intelligence

Learn about the evolution of analytics from Google Analytics to Behavioral Analytics to Behavioral Intelligence and the future of Behavior-as-a-Service.

user behavior analytics

Behavioral Intelligence is the hottest trend for Financial Services in 2020

We are watching a “Data land grab” unfold before our very eyes. In 2019, collecting behavioral data was a challenge and utilizing Behavioral Intelligence was an opportunity only those on the cutting edge were thinking about.

COVID-19 has flipped that narrative on its head. Now that businesses are forced to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, they’re realizing that every day they wait to collect behavioral data is another day they are behind the competition.

As businesses move from face-to-face to “faceless” customer experiences, understand user behavior is paramount to creating positive experiences while mitigating risk and fraud. Behavioral Intelligence is the way to accomplish this and the benefits are quickly coming to light.

In this eBook we discuss the evolution of Behavioral Intelligence and Behavior-as-a-Service (BaaS) and the implications they have on the future of insurance, banking, and more.

Table of Content:

  1. Without SaaS, there would be no BaaS…
  2. User Analytics 2.0: Behavioral Analytics
  3. Behavioral Analytics for Marketing and User Experience 
  4. Behavioral Analytics for Authentication and Security
  5. User Analytics 3.0: The Evolution of Behavioral Intelligence
  6. How was Behavioral Intelligence invented? 
  7. Behavioral Intelligence v1.0
  8. Behavioral Intelligence v2.0
  9. The Rise of Accelerated Underwriting
  10. Is Disruption Inevitable?
  11. Fending off disruption…
  12. Behavior-as-a-Service or Behavioral Intelligence, which is right for you?