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Behavioral Intelligence for Banking:
Understand Your Users
Grow Your Business
Reduce Your Losses

ForMotiv helps banks understand their user's motives and predict their intent, leading to improved online experiences and reduced risk and fraud.

Is Behavioral Intelligence right for you? Talk to us and find out.

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Understand Your Users.
Grow Your Business.
Reduce Your Losses.

ForMotiv helps banks take advantage of Digital Behavioral Intelligence (DBI) to understand their user's motives and predict their intent. DBI is used by banks to improve online experiences, monitor agent behavior, and reduce risk and fraud.
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Lower Risk and Reduce Fraud

Real-Time Risk Alerts
ForMotiv alerts customers, in real-time, if their customers or agents are showing increased signs of risk while they are filling out the application.

Dynamic Security
ForMotiv customers are using Behavioral Intelligence to dynamically add friction based on a user’s “Risk Score” during the application, helping to reduce risk and eliminate fraudulent applications.

Predict User Intent
With ForMotiv’s highly predictive behavioral dataset, banks can drastically improve their internal propensity models and predict if a customer is likely to be profitable, a delinquent payer, or have an increased propensity for risk & fraud.

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Monitor Agents

Improve Agent Experiences
The agent experience matters. Analyze agent behavior and workflows and receive AI-recommendations to optimize their experience based on desired user flows.

Uncover Agent “Gaming”
“Trust, but verify.” Gain insight into your agent behavior and spot situations where agents are improperly acting in their own best interest.

Benchmark Agents and Agencies
Identify the behaviors of the best and worst performing agents and agencies.

Training Oversight
Understand who your most efficient employees, agents, or call center reps are. How much time they spend per page and application, and how often do they abandon or “save and exit?”

Increase Revenue

Form Optimization for Customers and Agents
Discover bottlenecks, troublesome questions, high drop-off questions and optimal work-flows for your users.

Adjust Re-Marketing Intensity
Use ForMotiv’s “Profitability Score” to better target users who abandoned the application.

Dynamic Engagement
Dynamically engage with users as they are on your forms with FAQ help, Live Chat, and Special Offers.

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Example Use Cases

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New Customer Account Opening

Behaviors such as form-fill velocity, copy/paste of sensitive information, and corrections can signal high-risk applicants. Receive real-time notifications of custom behaviors or integrate with our API for instant risk qualification.

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Stop Agent Fraud
& "Gaming"

Determine when your agent is representing themselves better than they’re representing your business. Unlock a full audit trail for collaborative agent + customer applications and protect your bank from fraud and bad press.

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Workflow Oversight & Optimization

Understand exactly how your customers and agents are engaging with your applications. Use ForMotiv to optimize the user experience for better engagement and increased conversions.

Ready to unlock Digital Behavioral Intelligence for your Bank?

Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use. Totally Safe & Secure.

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Easy Integration

ForMotiv’s JS Snippet embeds inside of your Tag Manager, directly in your website, or through our API and instantly begins tracking form inputs.

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Easy to Use

24/7 access to the ForMotiv portal gives your team real-time data analytics on each individual applicant. Drill down on specific applications, questions, and user actions.

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Zero PII Required

Your data is totally secure as ForMotiv requires zero Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

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Own Your Data

Your data is just that, yours. ForMotiv provides you access to all of the raw data collected. No customer or outcome information is used with other customers.