Risk teams want to add friction.

Customer Experience teams want to remove friction.

That’s a problem…

ForMotiv bridges the gap between CX and Risk teams by enabling companies to add friction for risky customers while removing friction for genuine customers. 

ForMotiv translates digital “body language” into “Intent Data” in real-time to enhance underwriting precision while helping to expand opportunities for accelerated underwriting and straight-through processing. 

How It Works
Collect => Detect => Predict

Step 1: Collect

Implementation can take as little as 30 minutes.

Simple Set-up
Copy our JS Snippet into your tag manager or source code. Our software automatically detects your forms and instantly begins capturing behavioral intelligence.

No PII (Personal Identifiable Information) Collected

Unlock Behavioral Intelligence
ForMotiv’s “Digital Polygraph” collects between 5,000-50,000 unique behavioral data points, or a user’s “Digital Body Language” on each individual application, whether from new customers or existing agents.

Scoring is instantaneous, allowing for integrated and automated underwriting.

Customized Data Access

  • Log into the user-friendly ForMotiv Portal to view applications and user data, on-demand. 
  • Integrate directly with our API for automated decisioning.
  • Receive email reporting directly to your inbox
digital behavioral intelligence - ForMotiv - digital polygraph - digital body language - predictive behavioral analytics
formotiv behavioral intelligence detection

Step 2: Detect

See instant value from Day 1.

Rule-Based Signaling
We help you set up customized alerts based on known risk signals so your agents and underwriters can see value straight away. 

Application Health Analysis
Our software instantly begins analyzing application chokepoints, high-drop off questions, and optimal form flows so we can help you streamline your forms for increased conversions. 

Agent Oversight
Whether you’re working with Direct-to-Consumer applications, collaborative applications between customers and agents, strictly internal employees, or a distributed agent force, we help you oversee how agents engage in the application process. We provide a full audit trail and revision history for investigations and compliance. 

Step 3: Predict

Our machine learning models can take 1 to 12 weeks to train, depending on the volume of your applications. Here are some examples of real-time predictive models:

Profitability Scoring
Using supervised machine learning, we’re able to model predictions towards outcomes such as Profitability and Delinquency.

Application Abandonment
By predicting abandonment in real-time, companies are able to dynamically engage users to increase conversions. 

Predict Risk & Fraud
Our Digital Polygraph predicts risk and fraud for both new customers and existing agents. 

formotiv crystal ball revenue increase
Formotiv dynamic engagement

React with Dynamic Experiences

Real-time User Encouragement
ForMotiv distinguishes those users that experience pain, signs of abandonment, or a likelihood to purchase more products, and offers contextual help to pull them through the process.

Dynamic Security
ForMotiv determines if a new user is showing signs of increased risk and dynamically adds friction, such as a Photo I.D. upload or additional qualification questions, to further qualify the user as they engage with the application, saving the underwriting team time and money.

Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use. Totally Safe & Secure.

formotiv integration easy to use
Easy Integration

ForMotiv’s JS Snippet embeds inside of your Tag Manager, directly in your website, or through our API and instantly begins tracking form inputs.

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Easy to Use

24/7 access to the ForMotiv portal gives your team real-time data analytics on each individual applicant. Drill down on specific applications, questions, and user actions.

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Zero PII Required

Your data is totally secure as ForMotiv requires zero Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

ForMotiv - database secure - security
Own Your Data

Your data is just that, yours. ForMotiv provides you access to all of the raw data collected. No customer or outcome information is used with other customers.

Ready to unlock Digital Behavioral Intelligence?